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"Jane is an embroiderer whose sheer brilliance at recreating botanical panels of hand worked material is as breath taking as it is painstaking. Her theme is "Cloth of Nature". If Jane had lived in another age and been a painter she would surely have been a Pre Raphaelite."
John Falle, Falle Fine Art

The quality of Janes work is a tribute to the wonder of nature, the infinite diversity and minute beauty that is brought to us as if it was real by this talented embroiderer. Jane has work in both private collections and on public display and has been featured in publications and on BBC Network Television.

"As I study and interpret nature creatively - a butterfly's wing, the pollen-dusted back of a bumblebee, a crumpled leaf from the forest floor - I understand more fully the miracle of nature. It is this understanding that I wish to share with others. Through encouraging perception and appreciation of our natural world, I hope that I am contributing to the maintenance of our natural heritage and that I will be understood to be a nature conservationist/artist. I am fortunate to live in the tranquillity of the Dorset countryside, away from careless, modern-day noise, which distracts and distorts our perception of the miracle of nature. Here I seek inspiration, cherishing my discoveries in the art world that I evolve."
Jane E Hall

painting "Exciting, exhilarating, unbelievable are words that capture the brilliance of Jane Hall's amazing embroideries. The sheer magic of her work is in its beauty and its awe-inspiring attention to detail. Stitched and woven in pure silver and gold threads on delicate fabrics, embellished with fragments of shell, iridescent feathers and semi-precious stones, her work takes on a quality that is both startling and memorable. Flowers, leaves, grasses, toadstools, butterflies and bugs are translated into three dimensional scenes and panels, born of a love of nature and an intuitive understanding of the natural world. Occasionally, fantasy elements creep in, with delightful representations of mermaids, angels and fairy rings, each tiny scale, feather or textured detail lovingly stitched and interpreted with breathtaking precision.

Jane works almost entirely by hand, evolving each piece, adapting ideas and changing the image as it naturally develops. She works with the flow of the creative process, whether its veining leaves, defining the patterns butterflies' wings, or stitching fine wires into stems, roots or antennae. Much of her time has been spent studying 'in the field', making sketches, taking photographs and gathering specimens of common flora for her work. Her embroideries are timeless, extraordinary, spun out of dreams and long days in sunny fields speckled with wild flowers - or down in the woods where oak and beech leaves dance in the gentle breeze."
Roz Dace, Editorial Director Search Press